Anatomy of Effective Infographic Design

The infographic revolution has assumed control. Infographics are everywhere—websites, newspapers, magazine articles, television commercials, blog posts—and when done right, rightfully so. We have crawled from the dark forest of soul-numbing pie charts and eyelid-relaxing bar graphs into the colorful, joyous fields where facts, data, stories and statistics that affect […]

Change, Language Evolution, Acronyms and Abbreviations

I have confessed before that one of my favorite weekend rituals is tuning in to “A Way With Words” on Vermont Public Radio early Saturday mornings. Radio clicked on, water poured and warming for a pot of tea, my ears wake up quickly as I listen to callers ask […]

Website Traffic Patterns

Earlier in the year, this particular website had a pretty big decrease in traffic. Such a change in website traffic patterns calls for some sleuthing.

Mission-Driven Marketing, Focus and Fear

I am worried. My fear is the blistering acceleration of focus poverty may soon make effective mission driven marketing all but impossible. What can you do?

Corrections and Comments: Who does what and when?

We wrote about asking the media for retractions and corrections in a post last year. Recent client news and questions spurred us to revisit this topic and add some tips for handling online comments to news stories.
How and when to ask for a correction
Before news was available online and […]

How Inbound Marketing Metrics Will Save Public Relations

After years of struggling to quantify PR's impact on business outcomes, time to celebrate. Here's how inbound marketing metrics will save public relations.

Changing Minds: The science behind visual storytelling

Do you feel that? That tugging sensation on your heart? The science behind visual storytelling explains why, and what that means for changemakers.