Unclutter Your Marketing Strategies with Fresh Positioning

A colleague recently mentioned a best-selling book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It’s a guide for cleaning up and decluttering—getting rid of the items that no longer “bring you joy.” Intrigued, I picked up a copy in hopes of embarking […]

Video Marketing Strategy: New Year Inspirations

January is a lot of things. It’s the start to the new year. It’s the time for resolutions. I should eat better, exercise, clean my desk, the list goes on. Companies make resolutions too. We’ll be more effective if we do this, we need to add this tool or […]

Effective Marketing Images: Your Checklist of the Basics

A Checklist for Sourcing, Creating, Preparing, Purchasing, Formatting and Protecting Your Images

Most of your marketing efforts will involve imagery of some sort. Since there are many possibilities for sourcing, creating, formatting and using these images, it makes sense to follow specific steps to streamline your project implementation to create […]

How to Avoid Shady Downloads? Be Careful

Using unofficial themes, plugins, templates or extensions can be asking for trouble. The sharing and collaboration encouraged by popular open source software platforms like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress makes it easy to move from sharing into carelessness.
Be careful
If the piece of software you found for your website or blog […]

How to Measure Your PR Program Impact: A simple tool

A standing joke among PR professionals is that we went into public relations to avoid numbers and “doing math.” But alas, we all know that math is a must—measuring the impact of our work is essential.

There are many different ways to measure the impact of your PR work. But […]

Video Strategy: Which online video style is right for you?

Saying you need video for your business is kind of like saying you need a website. Both are general terms for an essential tool that can mean a lot of things. Websites can range from a simple and very basic informational microsite to an extremely complex fully integrated customer […]

10 Steps to Effective Call-to-Action Design

The mighty Call-to-Action: Working hard to motivate people since the dawn of marketing
I learned about creating an effective call to action many years ago as a direct mail designer. Traditional direct mail promotion involved a multi-step process: advertising with calls-to-action that included company phone number and address and a response device […]