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It’s mobile-friendly time! Is your responsive website ready?

Everyone needs a mobile-friendly responsive website
The importance of  having a mobile-friendly website is about to skyrocket.  Later this month, Google will be making a change to their algorithm that will affect websites that are not responsively designed and “mobile-friendly.” If you’re wondering whether your website is mobile-friendly, Google made a Mobile-Friendly Website Testing Tool that […]

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Social Media Use by Tweens and Teens

While we often write about social media in this blog and how businesses and organizations can use it strategically as part of an integrated marketing plan, it’s not often first-hand field research on social media use by tweens and teens can be shared.

But recently I had the opportunity to do some informal research on social […]

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What is the cost of a stunning new website?

I wrote about this last in 2010 when unemployment was near ten percent and competition for work was fierce and cutthroat. And while a lot has changed in the past five years, the steps to create a stunning website for your small business or nonprofit has not. The cost for a new website depends on […]

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Consistency Builds Your Brand: It’s more than a name or logo

We have written about branding before. Usually when non-marketers hear the word “brand,” they think company name, logo and colors. While your company name and logo are an important part of your organization’s brand, they aren’t everything. Branding extends to all aspects of your marketing communications (tone, timing, content, channels, etc.). Consistency builds your brand.
Branding […]

Is Sponsored Content Good for Values-Led Business?

Are you thinking like I’m thinking that it is getting murky out there? My fog meter is registering an increase in befuddling language about sponsored content (aka native advertising), which makes it unnecessarily difficult to evaluate your options. Major traditional publishers such as The New York Times, the Atlantic, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal […]

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Writing under pressure: What to do

You are six months into writing a monthly newsletter and the words aren’t flowing for your next issue. Or perhaps your nonprofit’s weekly blog post is due at the same time you are planning for an important outreach event, and you are fresh out of ideas. What do you do? I find there are times […]

Why Your Nonprofit Is A ‘Best-Kept Secret’ And How To Fix It

If ‘best-kept secret’ is a phrase you’ve ever heard used to describe your nonprofit, you are not alone. Perhaps it’s just the popularity of the Best-Kept Secret book, but it seems as if a larger-than-usual number of nonprofits self-described as a ‘best-kept secret’ have crossed my path lately. Yet knowing you’re not alone does not […]

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