Pinterest and Teens: A new found appreciation

I may have been somewhat premature when I first expressed my doubts about Pinterest for consumers in an earlier post. Let’s just say I’ve been known to be a little slow to warm up to new technology tools (my colleagues might say that’s the understatement of the year). But […]

Growth Companies and Social Media: Do You Fit the Pattern?

I was struck again recently by the tight correlation between growth companies and active social media use. Because the mega consumer product brands get so much attention – think Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Chevy and Super Bowl — it’s easy to think large companies in general have embraced social media. The […]

Public Relations and Marketing: What’s the Difference?

This blog post may actually end up helping to alleviate some of my own confusion – as well as yours – about the difference between public relations and marketing. “But wait,” you ask, “she’s supposed to be a public relations/marketing strategist and she doesn’t even know the difference?” Well, […]

This is Your Brain: Communication, Persuasion and Change

A spate of new brain science research is advancing understanding of how our brains work — and raising new questions about how to apply that knowledge to change minds.

Current Trend: Make it Flat Design

What is Flat Design? Flat design is a simple graphic style now popular in all applications of design—user interface (UI), software, web, electronic, broadcast, and print. It is sometimes defined as the opposite of, or contrasting to three-dimensional or realistic images. It features simplified colors, shapes, images and typography. The […]

Website Design: CSS3 Multi-Column Layout

CSS3 has some great tools for graphics, text and even animation, especially when combined with HTML 5 markup language. Here’s one CSS3 trick that makes it much easier to do something old school. Text columns. If you look at a newspaper (quiet hipsters, they still exist) you’ll notice that […]

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    Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Memes: What makes something go viral?

Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Memes: What makes something go viral?

Getting a message to stick in marketing is a coveted goal. Having your message heard, remembered and even better, passed on, is one thing we all aim for in the marketing world. But creating a formula for getting your audience to take action—that’s the million dollar question.
Ethos, pathos, logos
A […]