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Is Your Communication Bias-Free and Inclusive?

Think your communication is always bias-free? Think you are welcoming and inclusive with a diverse range of people? Chances are very high you’re wrong.

Website Security and Maintenance: What you need to know

Website security and maintenance is an ongoing task that is sometimes confusing and often overlooked. Here's what you need to know.

Social Media: No longer a choice for your business

Over the course of my internship at Marketing Partners, I’ve learned about a variety of different topics and acquired some important real-world skills. Working with a variety of clients has exposed me to all sorts of different industries, but here’s one of my biggest takeaways that applies to all of them – social media isn’t […]

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How to Grow Your Own Triple Bottom Line Marketers

“Skills can be taught; values cannot.” That old saying rings true, but growing your own skilled marketers takes lots of time, energy and money. That’s why I, like most small and midsize business owners (SMBs), look to bring in skilled talent when the workload suddenly swells. Nowhere is this more likely then when you’re seeking […]

Visual Storytelling: How to complete your puzzle

In marketing the big picture is like a lot of little pieces that make up a big jigsaw puzzle. And in this puzzle, every little piece is important because it connects to the next one to create the finished whole. Visual storytelling is like this jigsaw puzzle -- and you want to build a balanced view of your nonprofit's big picture. Here are four types of visuals to consider.

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How to Use Gamification for Social Change

Gamification can help you take something as routine as vocabulary building, recycling, or exercise and turning it into something exciting -- making it easier to learn or sustain a behavior. Let's look at three examples of using gamification for social change.

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How to Optimize Photos for Your Mobile-Friendly Site

Knowing how to optimize photos for your mobile-friendly site has never been more important. Accessing the Internet with mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, has increased dramatically in recent years. So much so there is a growing Mobile First movement in website development to focus on designing for mobile devices before accommodating the […]