Video Strategy Take One: Ask Yourself Five Questions

Video strategy includes asking yourself five questions before you speak with your marketing agency or your video production team.

Simplify Your Message When You Know Too Much

It's important to simplify your message when you know too much, especially when preparing for media interviews.

5 Takewaways from INBOUND 2014

I returned home with 5 takewaways from INBOUND 2014, in addition to nitty-gritty HubSpot software specifics, inspiring keynote learnings, and new friends.

21 Inspiring Quotes from Changemakers

21 inspiring quotes from changemakers to help you break through the barriers to creating change for good.

Listly, WordPress and the Plugin Dilemma

Our test of the Listly plugin on this blog represents every marketer’s dilemma of the need to weigh the benefits of opportunity and change against the potential drawbacks.

Listly’s appeal to inbound marketers
For those who haven’t heard of it, Listly is a social tool that allows for collaborative list curation. […]

Anatomy of Effective Infographic Design

The infographic revolution has assumed control. Infographics are everywhere—websites, newspapers, magazine articles, television commercials, blog posts—and when done right, rightfully so. We have crawled from the dark forest of soul-numbing pie charts and eyelid-relaxing bar graphs into the colorful, joyous fields where facts, data, stories and statistics that affect […]

Change, Language Evolution, Acronyms and Abbreviations

I have confessed before that one of my favorite weekend rituals is tuning in to “A Way With Words” on Vermont Public Radio early Saturday mornings. Radio clicked on, water poured and warming for a pot of tea, my ears wake up quickly as I listen to callers ask […]