Earned Media Versus Paid Media: Know the difference

We’ve written before about paid, owned, and earned media channels. Simply put, paid media is an advertisement–content that you develop and pay someone else to publish somewhere whether in a newspaper or online. Owned media is content you develop, publish and own — like a brochure, product sales sheet […]

Reluctant Marketer: Why the triple bottom line norm?

It’s a scene I’ve lived over and over again. Deep into a positioning or rebranding work session while I’m probing for what you believe distinguishes your triple bottom line company from other companies in the market, you start to become uncomfortable. It’s as if you feel — this is […]

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Business

Leveraging LinkedIn for your business is a social media necessity. If you do nothing else in the vast social media continuum, LinkedIn is a solid place where you are likely to engage with industry peers, colleagues and – yes, it’s true – your target audience(s).

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business
I was […]

Is There Gender Bias in Your Communication?

In my mind, words and language have always been important. (No surprise.) I delighted in the increased attention to inclusive language in communication over the years because it reflected a growing awareness that language does not merely reflect the way we think: it also shapes our thinking.

Today we know […]

Typeface Choice: Ask Yourself Three Questions

Why you care about typeface choice
You understand typeface choice is an integral part of good design and clear communication. Whether it’s online advertising or print, packaging or logo design, you know a typeface says a lot about your brand, and must be thoughtfully and carefully considered.  Typeface choice is an essential […]

Social Marketing: Hope for the Future?

This may not be going where you think it is. That is, it’s not going there if you’re thinking I’m referring to social media marketing or so-called social business marketing. Instead I want to share the latest developments in a field of critical importance to anyone who cares about […]

The Case For Mobile First Design

Designing first for mobile devices and adding elements for larger screens requires a radical change in mindset. But mobile first design is worth it.