Effective Designer and Client Communication

As a designer, how do I tell you, as a client, why a certain typeface works well for your ad? How do I explain the allure of a particular color—why it will resonate with your audience, or why all other colors and design elements work with the design and […]

Collaboration versus Consultation: What’s the difference?

My oldest child turns 13 next week, which means I’m in my twelfth year with Marketing Partners. My how time flies! During this time our industry has seen many changes, the proliferation of social media chief among them. While change can be a good thing, sometimes it’s the things […]

Maybe Marketing Is Not So Subjective After All?

While under the proverbial marking and communications gun, I often say (well, whine, actually) “What we do is so subjective…” Usually I utter this phrase while trying to anticipate what a client will or won’t like, or in response to a client’s feedback that I don’t agree with or find […]

How to Collaborate Effectively with Your Marketing Agency

While there are many resources available on how to select a marketing agency, (aka advertising agency, creative shop or PR firm), there is very little information on how to make the relationship work effectively once you have made your decision.  After many years on both the client and […]