Crisis Communication Priorities and Protocols

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Crisis communication priorities and protocols are not something I really want our clients to gain experience with. But no matter what your industry or sector, you have at least one potential crisis lurking. (What if your manufactured product failed and caused a tragedy? If you are a nonprofit, what if an employee harmed a person [...]

Effective Communication: Choose Your Words Carefully

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We all become comfortable with terminology and acronyms we use every day. But for effective communication, it is a huge mistake for a number of reasons.

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Infographics that Educate and Inspire

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There's nothing better than a well-produced infographic — a chart that simply and beautifully captures and displays a bunch of quantitative information that would take pages of text to explain in words. Some things to look for in a good infographic include quick clarity (the presenting of data in not only a lucid but also [...]