The Still Surprising Power of the Internet & Social Media?

I recently attended an workshop to learn how to use software I was unfamiliar with, but which integrates with tools I use daily. The workshop was informative and told me all I needed to know to get started using the program. However I was quite surprised by comments from other participants, many of whom were small business owners. Hardly anyone was familiar with the most popular social media tools!

It’s Not About You

I found myself thinking: ‘Come on people, do you live under a rock?’  I heard a few people say, “I don’t like Facebook.” Well in the words of Erik Qualman, “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”  There are plenty of aspects that people don’t like about their jobs, but it’s part of the job description and it is obviously beneficial for the business, so we do it. You don’t have to personally like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, but you certainly should be using them to your advantage.

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Powerful Examples

This prompted me to share a few of what I think are the best videos that illustrate the power of the Internet and various social media outlets.

King Arthurs Flour

First up is the Google television commercial featuring King Arthurs Flour, “a 220-year-old startup in Vermont.”  For me this video illustrates the power of the Internet.  A small business in Vermont is able to connect with millions of people around the world, and communicate through a variety of vehicles.  The Internet gives them the platform to get their name out there, using Vermont business sense and new technology King Arthur’s Flour has grown enormously and continues to do so.  They are able to communicate cross-culturally, in a variety of languages, through videos, and articles, and much more.  That’s certainly something to say for Vermont small businesses as well as the Internet and tools used to promote it.  Ahhh, the power of the Internet! 

Social Media Revolution 2011

Let’s move on to some videos that show you the value of adding and using social media tools to your brand.  First up is Social Media Revolution 2011, which will give you an idea of the continuous growth of social media throughout the world.  There are some pretty amazing statistics so be sure to take a look.

Every 60 Seconds on The Web

Now take a look at this video, it is fascinating!  Some stats include: 98,000 tweets and 320+ new twitter accounts, 695,000 Facebook status updates, and 600+ new videos uploaded to YouTube, PER MINUTE.  That’s insane.

My point in sharing these videos with you is to demonstrate the power of these tools and how many people are using them. If you personally don’t like or understand social media, look for ways that it can benefit your business, talk with those who do, or get some training. It is becoming a huge part of the job description for all of us, so take advantage of these new tools before you get too far behind; which as we all know, isn’t very hard.

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