PR Blunders and Missed Opportunities

Mistakes happen and people mess up. These are generally accepted as facts. But how these mistakes and mess-ups are handled is key to a brand’s image. It’s always important to have a plan for your crisis communications, but I’m not talking about something that serious. I’m talking about the […]

About Timelines and Deadlines. So key to PR and Marketing.

It’s often stated that “timing” is a unique skill or talent among the best comedians. But timing is no less critical to the success or failure of any marketing, sales, or public relations initiative.

An article about dreams and how they help us strip emotions out of painful experiences and […]

The NBA Lockout and its Marketing Effects

As a sports fan, I’m personally not particularly interested in basketball — an opinion not widely shared in the US. I feel your pain though basketball fans! I never want to see any league go into a lockout and deprive its millions of fans their season. My sport of […]

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    Traditional Public Relations: Why it’s called “Earned Media”

Traditional Public Relations: Why it’s called “Earned Media”

All of the attention on “social” and “new media” as well as the general opinion that the “old-fashioned newspaper is dead” have created a sense of abandonment among us traditional public relations professionals. It’s not that we don’t experiment and embrace change, of course we need to be open […]