How to Leverage LinkedIn

As a solo professional or small business owner, you work hard every day to connect with your customers, peers and other professionals in your industry. We’re not talking the kind of connections made via phone or email, but connecting and networking with others who will help make you more productive and successful. One answer for many is LinkedIn, the online professional social media platform, and the most widely used and highly regarded network of its kind in the business world.

Leverage LinkedIn

Opportunities Abound

There is a huge opportunity for you, your service or product to “live” on LinkedIn. While networking within your peer groups, chambers of commerce, professional associations and more are great ways to expand your reach, your online presence can be just as critical (and it’s working on your behalf 24/7).

I’ve enjoyed opportunities recently to present the “Leverage LinkedIn” seminar at both Senator Leahy’s 17th annual Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference at Vermont Technical College and to the Vermont Consultants Network. It is rewarding to help others learn more about such a powerful tool.

Learn more about the importance of a company page in addition to your personal profile. Learn how to make the most of your profile and maintain that presence with compelling status updates and calls to action. But most of all, learning how to leverage LinkedIn means learning how to become visible as an expert in your industry and showcase your brand.

Bottom line: Leverage your chances to meet other change makers by showcasing your assets.

Leveraging LinkedIn Presentation

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