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    Your Brand Reputation and Facebook’s Secret Mood Experiment

Your Brand Reputation and Facebook’s Secret Mood Experiment

Despite the distraction of a glorious summer weekend in Vermont, you’re likely to have heard the emerging rumblings of another Facebook data scandal over the past 48 hours. If you are responsible for the brand reputation of an organization that uses a Facebook page, you ought to be concerned.
Facebook’s […]

How to Generate Sales Leads and Customers from Your Blog

Have you been disappointed that your experience does not seem to match the widely reported HubSpot and Social Media B2B research that shows companies with an active blog generate 67% more sales leads than those without blogs?

Blogging well takes time and considerable effort, so whatever your blog’s goals, you […]

Storify: Building Stories Across Social Network Boundaries

The digital age has brought us millions of new online services and apps to help us share information and be more connected.  One of these services, Storify, relates specifically to connecting communities of interest across multiple social networking sites. It’s a good way to get a snapshot look at […]

Going Mobile This Holiday Season

I recently returned from a family gathering in Illinois. On Thanksgiving Day, we had about 23 of us, ranging in age from about 5 years to 82 years, under my parents’ roof.

As I looked around the living room on Thanksgiving Day, I saw my nieces, nephews and daughters glued […]

Cutting Through the Clutter: The Power of Pinterest

When Pinterest was first introduced in 2010, I must admit, I didn’t really understand the big draw.

Certainly Pinterest provides a great way for businesses to display their products or services. Architects can showcase beautiful buildings they’ve designed or photographers and artists can share their portfolios or car companies can […]

Building your social media team (and age is not a factor!)

This baby boomer has concluded that building your social media team is more a matter of depth, interest and judgment than it is age. Personally, I’ve never been an early adopter of technology. I think I was the last one in the office to get a smart phone (and […]